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Selling Advantage shifts the way the majority of small business owners think about selling.

If you’re like the majority of small business owners, you have experienced some (if not all!) of the following:

Learn From A Sales Master

When you’re looking to be more confident and successful at selling, you will want to learn from someone who has been through it all. A successful small business owner, Skip Miller has taught sales methodology to thousands of people in the last 25 years at some of the largest companies in the world.

Selling Advantage was created specifically for small business owners, so you can get the same advantage that the big guys have gotten for decades. You will discover how to apply intention and direction into your selling strategy. Your stress will go down, and revenue will increase.

Reduce anxiety around the word ‘selling’ today

With over 27 million small business owners in the United States alone, we know you feel the pressure. Competition is steep. What if you had a step by step guide that empowered you to produce a healthy, thriving business through sales that felt energizing instead of forced? What if you had tools that you could use immediately?

Selling Advantage for Small Business was developed to help you reduce anxiety around the word ‘selling’ and become fearless in your ability to produce a healthy, thriving business through sales.

Helping Small Business Owners Sell Successfully

"When I first decided I needed sales training for my company, I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to produce art. That’s what I am good at. But I am a small business and I can’t afford a seasoned sales team. Although I was great at talking about my pieces with customers, I would start to get nervous when it came time to close a sale and ask for the financial transaction.

By taking the Selling Advantage course, I have a road map to use when selling. It’s not about pushing a customer into buying something. It’s about walking alongside them through a decision process. My business is thriving, and I have a waiting list of customers now who want my work."

– R.R.


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